Air Cleaner Service


As with any system, air or otherwise, the cleaner it is the more efficient the system runs. Your air filter does exactly what it says, filters the air going to your engine to help provide better, cleaner air going into your engine. Several problems can arise and affect the performance of your vehicle due to a dirty air filter. Make sure you look for a Replacement of car air filter should be done at a car air cleaner service in San Antonio and we, at JM Automotive claims for the same as certified BMW service center to ensure efficiency and expertise.

If you are seeing black smoke coming from the exhaust, feeling a rough engine idle, experiencing backfiring, getting unusually low gas mileage or smelling gasoline from the exhaust, that is a good sign that it is time (or past time) to check your air filter.

Each time you come in for an oil change that is one of the many things we check in our multi-point check. For the best car air filter replacement in San Antonio, get in touch with JM Automotive.