Differential & Transfer Case Service

If you are not sure what a differential is or know if the oil in your vehicle has been changed recently, then you should come to see the JM Automotive team and let us check to give you the best Car Case Transfer Service in San Antonio. It is recommended, for the longevity of your vehicle, to maintain these oils to avoid damage to major parts of the drive train. It is a simple process of removing the old oil and replacing it with new oil based on your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. We also recommend having your fuel injectors and system checked regularly

Friction and heat occur at points of contact between gear clusters, shafts, and bearings. Due to this occurrence vehicle manufacturers usually recommend that the gear oil, transfer case and differential be replaced. When oil breaks down, it reduces the effectiveness of the parts it is lubricating and protecting. Typically the recommended interval for changing these oils is 25,000 to 30,000 miles.

This service is a very simple process of removing the old oil and replacing it to the proper fill level with new, manufacturer recommended oil.

The team at JM Automotive is among the auto service experts in San Antonio, Tx. JM Automotive is equipped to handle maintenance and repairs of any make and model of automobile. For Car Case Transfer Services in San Antonio, get in touch with JM Automotive.