Fuel Injector & System Service


Your engine’s performance relies on properly operating fuel injectors. If your fuel injection system is not maintained you are likely to experience problems with your engine starting and running properly as well as decreased fuel efficiency.

If you properly maintaining the system, you will not only reduce the risk of experiencing these issues, but it can also result in decreased maintenance intervals. We recommend having your fuel injectors and system checked regularly. Based on the condition of your system, we can perform an extensive cleaning or replacement of the fuel injectors. This will improve your vehicles performance as well as fuel efficiency.

Every vehicle’s fuel system, over time, will see small foreign particles that will contaminate the vehicle’s fuel system. This causes obvious issues such as trouble starting, rough idling, a decrease in gas mileage, and sometimes hesitation or stalling. Replacing fuel filter is our first recommendation if you find that you are encountering such issues with your vehicle. JM Automotive specializes in auto repair and maintenance of foreign and imported vehicles with a minimum of 1year/12,000 miles car warranty. We can remove and replace the fuel filter or water separators (diesel only) and inspect for fuel leaks. These services can be provided anytime you come for an oil change and can significantly improve your vehicle’s performance and increase mileage.

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