Cooling System Service


Your vehicle’s cooling system is one of the most crucial systems for proper engine operation and protection.
The main goal of the cooling system is to keep coolant moving through the engine so it can absorb and dissipate heat. Your radiator can become blocked over time or crack due to heat damage, which can cause leaks. Through time and heat your cooling system is also affected by acids, rust, and metal particles from the metal parts of the system. We at JM Automotive provides the best repair and maintenance services in San Antonio for the cooling system including air conditioning and cleaner services.

Properly maintaining and checking your cooling system seasonally can help to avoid not only expensive repairs but more importantly being stranded due to the system failing. You need to get your automobile to a car diagnostic center in San Antonio for proper service and maintenance of the cooling system.

Finding the right car cooling system service in San Antonio has become easy with JM Automotive. Schedule an appointment today.