As a trusted BMW mechanic San Antonio, we are here to give you a dose of good tips and suggestions. In this blog, we are going to focus on the power steering service.
Since we are into BMW auto repair San Antonio, we know that when it comes to the maintenance of power steering, often people take it for granted. What people don’t understand is that this component of the vehicle, plays the big role in directing the vehicle that weighs so much. If only you pay a little more attention to this component, you could save a lot on the maintenance job and repair.
To be convinced of this, you should know a little more about the power steering.
How it works?
The modern-day typical power steering system usually uses hydraulic pressure. This is done to multiply the power, which is being sent to the front steering axles. The input from the steering wheel is accepted by the hydraulic cylinder. More valves are opened in the cylinder when the wheel is turned more. This increases the push sent to the axles due to more hydraulic fluid flow.
Why should you maintain it?
It is a common misconception that the power steering hydraulic system is sealed, and hence, doesn’t require any maintenance. As the best BMW mechanic San Antonio, we know this to be untrue. The hydraulic fluid, just like transmission fluid, oil, and coolant holds a lifespan that is limited. This is why it needs to be changed at proper intervals. Various contaminants like tiny chunks of rubber, sludge, grit gradually enter the fluid at some point. Further, such contaminants get into the rack as well as pinion seals. This eventually causes them to leak and degrade.
When there is a loss of fluid, it leads to forcing of the hydraulic pump to work harder. This might even force you into getting it replaced. Moreover, if enough hydraulic fluid successfully goes out of the system, then all the components of the steering system will be forced to run dry. No lubrication would lead to a breakdown. As we are into we are into BMW auto repair San Antonio, we know that replacement of the pinion system and the rack is very costly.
In the next blog, we will tell you about the signs that indicate a requirement of power steering service. Stay tuned!