Those who have been through the summers of Texas know how difficult it can be for one to drive a car without turning on the air conditioning. Known for having some of the hottest months in the nation, Texas heat can definitely take a toll on you. This makes it essential to know ways of keeping your car’s AC system working effectively throughout the sizzling summers. Below are some important things to keep in mind.

Get Your Fan Belt Assessed

You’ll benefit from getting your car’s drive belt properly assessed at our repair shop; it is critical to ascertain that it’s working properly. You must know that the proper functioning of the belt not only maintains air conditioners’ operation intact, but it also supplies power to other key constituents such as power steering pump, alternator, and water pump..

Take Care of Cleaning

Do not make the mistake of clogging your condenser by allowing debris to accumulate. It is best to ensure that both the radiator and AC condenser are not filled with all sorts of debris; keep both of them cleaned. If you do not do that, a chocked condenser limits the flow of air across the unit, which brings down the capacity of breaking down heat produced by the air conditioning system.

Timely Flushing of Radiator

Make use of good quality cleaning chemicals and flush your radiator about every 2 years. If you take care of your car’s engine cooling mechanism, you will notice that your air conditioner will continue to operate at the right temperature. An overheated engine can definitely have a bearing on the performance of your car’s air conditioning system

Know When to Turn off Your Car’s AC

You should first turn off your car’s AC and then shut off the car’s engine. This helps in two ways: first is that you reduce the intensity of being hit by heatwaves when you get out of your chilled car. Second is that you will be doing your car’s battery a world of good. How? When you turn on your car the next time, the battery is saved from working hard to turn on two things simultaneously, the air conditioning and the engine.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and your car’s air conditioning will work just fine. If you ever need any help with it, we are always here to provide you with world-class repair services. As BMW repair specialists, we are capable of tackling any type of issue with your car. Along with BMW, we also handle Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, and many other top-class cars.